The portraits booklet containing 36 portrait photographs, these show various characters, some well known like Unity Mitford, Tommy Moran and Henry Williamson others who were less well known such as R.F.Webb, Margaret White and D.K.Marendez. Contents W.E.D. Alien, John Warburton, Joan Morgan, Air Com, Sir J.A.Chamier, Margaret White, John Beckett, Henry Williamson, Ian Hope Dundas, W. Bill Risdon, Jorian Jenks, A.V. Roe, Clement Brunning, John Sant, D.M.K. Marendez, Mary Alien, Francis Hawkins, F.J.P. Veale, George Sutton, E.G. Mick Clarke,Maj. Gen. J.F.C. Fuller, Doreen Bell, Frank McLardy, Charles Bentinck Budd, C.Watts, William Joyce, Robert Row, Anne Brock Griggs, Lt. Col. Crocker, Fay Taylour, R.F. Webb, Tommy Moran, Eric Hamilton Piercy, Ella de Heemstra, Louise Fisher, A. Raven Thomson, Unity Mitford.