By Major General Fuller
The author was one of Britain’s greatest military thinkers. During the First World War he was the principle organiser of the British tank forces. He went on to write the definitive book on the subject entitled Tanks in the Great War. He became known as the Father of modern tank warfare. Despite having no serious historical education, he was a voracious reader. General Fuller gained international fame in writing 45 books, including a best seller, The Decisive Battles of the Western World.
In this work he examines the causes of war which he says are either caused by over population which require more living room or economic conditions. He explains this latter point by saying that not all nations can export more than they import at the same time. Therefore they have to accept loans and forthwith enter into financial servitude. He quotes another writer as saying of international financiers More than any other force let loose in the chaos of the modern world, they have led to war. Once in their grip there are but two ways of getting out of it; repudiation or fighting. The latter is normally resorted to.