By E.G. Mandeville-Roe
This booklet is the verbatim text of a speech made by the author at the Anglo-Italian Symposium at the National Institute of Fascist Culture, Italy in October 1938.
He explains how financiers make their profits by stimulating false market movements thus creating flux which ruins producers. He talks about the problems caused by British diplomacy in refusing to accept that the Italians are better neighbours to British African possessions than the Abyssinian’s ever were, and that the German colonies in British hands are useless to anybody, as the terms of the mandates prevent them from being developed. How money controls all aspects of government policy, particularly foreign policy.
Mandeville-Roe had been active in the earlier British Fascist organisation and in 1932 was reported as holding the position of Area Commander (South), Adjutant, Fascist Cadet Corps.