By Major M.F.Thurgood.  A blistering critique of Churchill’s life: his financial polices; his lack of humanity and chivalry in war; his bad temper; his bad habits and his insatiable blood lust. The books describes Churchill’s military career starting with his activities on the North West Frontier of India on the Afghan border, Omdurman in the Sudan and the Boer War in South Africa. During the First World War the Lusitania Incident and Gallipoli draw the author’s wrath. During the WWII the fighting in Norway, and Dieppe are examined. He points out that the attack on the French Fleet at Mers el Kebir was not necessary as Britain held the gates to the Mediterranean at Gibraltar. He shows that Churchill was a strong supporter of the Balfour Declaration and was an ardent Zionist. In addition Churchill’s reputation for being anti-trade union and a life long opponent of the working class – whom he always described as the enemy – are also discussed.