By Dr. Ataullah Bogdan Kopanski Ph.D.
FEW people realise the extent to which Muslims and non-Europeans were mobilised by Hitler’sThird Reich. The much-touted racial theories of the Reich, it seems, were not nearly as entrenched as many have been told.

Hitler, Leon Degrelle, Alfred Rosenberg and many others had a great respect for other races, and sought to fight the British and French colonial hegemony in Asia and North Africa using a vast coalition of differing races and religions. Professor Kopanski is a well known authority on these movements, andThe Barnes Review (USA) first published his work on this neglected topic.

Leon Degrelle, a famous SS Commander said German racialism has been deliberately distorted. It never was anti-other race . . . National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race and wished that all other races did the same for themselves. This was demonstrated when the Waffen SS enlarged its ranks to include 60,000 Islamic SS troops. The parts played in this drama byHaj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini, (The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem),Rashid Ali Gilani of Iraq and many others are covered in the text.