By the Rev. James K. Warner

The history of Croatia is is briefly explained. How the area in which Croatia was located was made up of many types of people and religions. How after the First World War they were united within the artificial state of Yugoslavia. This was an unnatural union and the Croatians longed for independence. They seized it on the collapse of Yugoslavia, when the government changed sides from friendly to hostile to Germany, thus provoking a German attack.

The German army was welcomed into Zagreb and announcement of independence was made on the radio bySlavko Kvatemik (AUstachi leader). There was reportedly great rejoicing at time of the formation of the new nation. The new Croatian government was led byAnton Pavelic and the Church gave him their full support. This booklet carries a statement by Father Franko Kralik which shows how bitter the religious leaders felt about the activities of certain Jewish elements in the country.

In more recent times Croatia has again asserted its independence from the Yugoslav state and exists as a nation once again.