By Oswald Pirow

Oswald Pirow was born in Aberdeen (Cape Province, South Africa) on 14th August 1890, and was the grandson of a German missionary and son of a doctor. Pirow studied law in Potchefstroom, Germany and London, and then practised as an advocate in Pretoria.
He made several unsuccessful attempts to enter parliament and finally in 1924 he was elected for Zoutpansberg. Smuts defeated him in 1929 in Standerton but he returned to parliament and in the same year and he was appointed Minister of Justice in General Hertzog’s cabinet. As Justice Minister he passed the first anti-communist legislation in South Africa. In 1933 he was appointed Minister of Railways and Harbours, and from 1933 to 1939 he was Minister of Defence.

1936 Pirow attended the Olympic Games in National Socialist Germany and in 1938 again visited Europe, including Spain, Portugal and Germany. These visits confirmed his admiration for this new style of government in Europe and, in particular, for National Socialism. He gave his support in 1939 to Hertzog’s neutrality policy and resigned on the outbreak of war as a minister.

In this booklet his visit to Europe is discussed including his meetings with Dr. Salazar of Portugal, General Franco of Spain, Benito Mussolini and Neville Chamberlain and many other historical figures.

There is a photograph and comment on his post war meeting with Oswald Mosley.