By the Social Credit Movement in 1932-33
This booklet gives advice on how to organise a branch in your district. It describes the uniform and insignia to be worn. It describes the command structure and methods to be used for demonstrations etc. Some of the points described are as follows, and we quote:

That the Scientific Price Adjustment be applied so that the people’s buying-power can purchase the goods offered for sale. The demand of the Green Shirt Movement is for Social Credit. What does it mean? IT MEANS AN ASSURED INCOME FOR YOU, WHETHER IN WORK OR UNEMPLOYED

Old Mother Parliament went to the cupboard
To get the poor dog a bone
When she got there
She found IT WAS FULL
And so the Poor Dog got none!

This is alleged to be the situation under the current system. The Social Credit system proposed to increase purchasing power of the people to match the productive capacity of the nation. Mentioned in the text as supporters are Arthur Kitson, Ezra Pound, Henry Williamson, JFC Fuller and Major C.H. Douglas who wrote a short introduction.