By Robert Smyth

A complete answer for those who try to make white folk feel guilty over the slavery issue. A review of the history of slavery which continues down to its practice to this very day. Apart from showing that slavery was not the exclusive vice of Europeans it is also shown that conditions for working people in Britain were at least as bad as that endured by the victims of slavery. We learn that only 10 per cent of slaves from Africa went to North America; and that economics, not slavery, was the root of the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln is shown to be a white supremacist and segregationist who advocated repatriation of Blacks to Africa. Other subjects discussed include the trans-Saharan slave trade, which went on for hundreds of years and did not involve Europeans, and the slave raids on Europe by North African corsairs.

This is the second edition and it contains much extra text concerned with the character and background of the leading members of the anti-slavery movement. It shows the hypocrisy of William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson and Harriet Beecher Stowe, and the murderous activity of John Brown; and it demolishes the allegation that Liverpool’s prosperity depended on the slave trade.