By Lt. Col. Jack Mohr
HAVE YOU ever wondered why, when all subjects can be intelligently examined, there is only one subject that remains forbidden fruit? You can discuss Communism, sex, Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, Metaphysics, quite freely, but it is considered not only bad manners, but downright sinful to discuss the Jewish situation.

If you want information on the Mormons, you can go to most any bookstore and purchase The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine of The Covenants, or The Pearl of Great Price. If you wish to learn more about Christian Science, you can obtain Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. If you wish to discuss the I Am movement, the books of Dr. Ballard are available. You can even find out about the religion of the Muslims, by purchasing a copy of the Koran, translated into English.

This booklet discusses the real origin of the Jews and examines their claim to be God’s chosen people.
The author had been a prisoner of the Communist forces in Korea in 1948 and sentenced to death by a Peoples Court. He escaped and was later the first soldier to be wounded during the Korean War . He was later decorated with the Silver Star by Major General William Dean. He was a well known fundamentalist Baptist lay evangelist in the USA.