By Robert Best

The following is a short introduction from the first page of this booklet. A great amount of rubbish and lies have been written on the subject of Fascism’s relationship to religion. The liberal elite, the controlled media and the atheist Left like to claim that Fascism and National Socialism was ‘anti-Christian’ and that it persecuted religion. What are the facts?

This essay aims to pinpoint the truth and counter the lies on this important subject. Most European Fascists were Christian, although in the Arab and Muslim World there were also the Egyptian Greenshirts and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. Modern nationalist groups have the support of a minority of pagans such as Odinists, but the majority are still Christian. Most Fascists adhered to the largest Christian denomination, the Roman Catholic Church, especially in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Austria and so on. However, the Spanish Falangists under the leadership of Jose Antonio Primo de Riviera while being faithful Catholics, were opposed to reactionary clericalism. Fascist Italy and National Socialist Germany both made Concordats, or agreements with the Catholic Church.The Romanian Iron Guard also known as the Legion of St Michael the Archangel were mostly Orthodox. The American Silver Shirts drew its support from White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Most British Fascists were Church of England.