We Marched with Mosley – The Authorised History of the British Union of Fascists by Richard Bellamy.

Richard Reynell Bellamy joined Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts almost at the start and went out onto British streets to fight for peace and prosperity through Mosley’s policies of a high wage economy, economic autarky, a Corporate State – and no more wars unless Britain was attacked. This brought him into daily conflict with communists, democratic socialists and capitalist supporters. But he remained true to what he believed in and in 1940 paid for it with imprisonment without charge or trial under the infamous Defence Regulation 18B. In the course of his political odyssey Bellamy, came to know just about every British Blackshirt worth knowing and attended all the major Leader meetings and many local ones besides. Towards the end of his life, at Oswald Mosley’s request, he wrote it all down for posterity – providing this unique inside story of the British Union of Fascists.