By Captain Arthur Rogers O.B.E.

Captain Rogers was a member of the Imperial General Staff during the First World War. He later worked for Britain’s military intelligence. Afterwards he became Secretary of the Liberty Restoration League which became part of the Nordic League whose policies were co-ordinated by Captain Ramsey MP. In 1942 Captain Rogers became temporarily the Chairman of the 18B Publicity Council which was part of the 18B Detainees (British) Aid Fund. 18B referred to Defence Regulation 18B which was passed to enable the Government to imprison persons without charge or trial during the war.
After World War 2 he became of member of the National Council of the League of Empire Loyalists founded by A. K. Chesterton. This booklet is taken from the Free Britain newspaper and shows the origins of the idea of the EEC (European Union). The idea of a united Europe advocated by thinkers such as Mosley, Yockey, Thiriart and various Fascist and National Socialist idealists before them, is very different from the United Europe expounded by Count Kalergi and his plutocratic backers. One stands for a Europe of spiritual and cultural renaissance. The other for a Europe dominated by materialism, controlled by the super rich, a land mass that is really anything but Europe. It stands for a mingling of non-European races with the peoples of Europe as a prelude to World Government.