By Admiral Sir Barry Domvile
The author joined the Royal Navy in 1892 and worked his way up to become Chief of Staff of the Mediterranean Fleet. His final post was that of President of the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. He met Hitler in 1936 and went on to found and lead an organisation called The Link. He was imprisoned during the Second World War without charge or trial. In this booklet he gives his view of the situation regarding the infamous <em style=font-weight: bold;>Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and its relevance after the Second World War.

Domvile shows how the Empire was being abandoned in favour of a World Government and, what is more, he claims that this was being done by subterfuge and that the politicians were not being as open, as they should be. He makes a connection between all this and The Protocols. However he makes it clear that he in no way blames only Jews for this. He goes on to discuss and advocate, with some reservations, the ideas of Guild Socialism in modern form as proposed bySam Hobson andA.R.Orage and the more recentPaul Derrick.