By Gottfried Feder
This book was first published in 1932 at the direct request of Adolf Hitler for the forthcoming Reichstag elections. It outlines the official National Socialist position on economic and social policy. The opening chapter describes the rise of the NSDAP and includes a biographical history of the career of Adolf Hitler.

The book outlines a wide range of proposals that formed the basis of the official NSDAP policy, none of which could be altered – not even by the NSDAP Council of Administration. Hitler was fully aware of the broken election pledges of democratic politicians, and he had no intention of allowing the NSDAP to become yet another talking shop where political programmes are discarded once a political party has gained power. To this end Hitler states the programme is fixed for all time and I shall never suffer changes in the principles of the movement as laid down in its programme.

Gottfrird Feder was the principle economic theoretician behind the National Socialist economic miracle that saw the prosperity of the German people transformed to the highest in Europe within a few years of being elected to power.