By A.K. Chesterton
The author exposes the BBC as being a purveyor of inaccurate and biased news. But even more than that it shows how in every case it is never used to further the interests of Britain. How it always supports communism and aliens and never ceases to castigate anyone who speaks up for the British people. In this booklet A.K. Chesterton takes to pieces the BBC production which covered the history of the British Empire. He points out the many lies that the programmes told and shows how again and again they always ascribed the lowest of motives to those brave and intrepid men who built the British Empire.
He ends his work with these words. We cannot go on as we are. The B.B.C. defames our past, poisons our present and places our future in desperate hazard. No nation can survive which is conditioned by a vast fifth-column serving forces which have a vested interest in its obliteration as a sovereign, independent realm. There is not much time left … We say to the the rulers of the BBC – For God’ sake, Go!