By Prof. H.P. Garrett

A lucid brief for an educational system that would take into account racial differences rather that relying on the fiction that all races are the same. If one is to show respect for the other races of mankind, one should recognise the differences and not treat them as if they were mere imitations of ones own race. The author does not propagate racial superiority, or inferiority, neither does he make judgements. He simply states the scientific and anthropological facts and makes it clear that no matter how much money one throws at the concept of multi-racialism nothing can make races equal or the same. To expect Africans to excel in a European world – or Europeans to be as capable as Africans in the African’s world, is doomed to failure. Worse than this, it will cause racial aliens in Europe to blame Racialism for their failures. The author was for ten years the General Editor of the journal American Psychology Series .