Union Movement

Union Movement was founded in 1948 when over 50 separate organisations came together under the leadership of Oswald Mosley. Most parts of the country had Area Organisers. These areas were broken down into branches. Small groups not large enough to be branches were in existence all over the country. Some area organisations had their own publications. Local council elections, were often contested and the average vote gained was about 8%. (33% in Moorfields Ward in East London was probably a high point) Bristol, Poole, Southampton, Salisbury, South Wales and Hull often featured in Union Movement publications. Constant attempts to prevent the growth of the movement by the thuggery and violence of left wing extremists, and some Jewish elements, brought massive media coverage - which itself brought in new supporters.

The main regular publications of Union Movement were "Union", "Action" "The European" and "National European". During the 1970's Union Movement was eclipsed by the National Front as the main party against coloured immigration into Britain. Thereafter a magazine was published entitled "Lodestar". As well as this the "Friends of Oswald Mosley" came into existence which publishes a record of the past activities of British Union and Union Movement. It is called "Comrade" and was edited by John Warburton. Since the latter's death it is still published albeit infrequently.