League of Empire Loyalists

A.K. Chesterton had been a staff officer in Oswald Mosley's blackshirts, and after the war he was the founder and leader of The League of Empire Loyalists. He later went on to become the first President of the National Front. When the League of Empire Loyalists was formed after the war its main objective was to retain the British Empire. This objective was shared by most patriotic people at the time. The forces arrayed against it were great. Naturally the USA wanted access to the markets and the raw materials that the Empire countries could provide. The Labour Party, in power at the time, was opposed to the principle of empires and the USSR was likewise a firm enemy of the concept. The money power, to which A.K. Chesterton frequently alluded, also believed in free trade and globalisation.

The white dominions, to which there were deep ties of blood and sentiment were also drawn away from the motherland. The reasons had much to do with Britain's poverty brought about by the Second World War. There was no longer the money that would have been required to develop the empire and also the lack of will on the part of Britain's politicians. The League's journal was called Candour and it is still published to this day, although somewhat irregularly. Therefore, it can be said that the chief function of The League of Empire Loyalists was to expose all those forces that were intent on destroying the British Empire. Students who are required to understand its collapse will, by reading the selection of books and booklets published by the League, understand more fully the reasons why it happened.