William Joyce

William Joyce was born in New York of Irish parents. His family later settled in England. During the late 1920's Joyce became a member of the British Fascisti which were regarded as allies of the more radical elements among the Conservative Party. They were against communism and very patriotic. It was here that he met Maxwell Knight who was also a member and who later became an "agent runner" for the British intelligence service (MI5). It was Knight who warned Joyce that he was due to be imprisoned on the outbreak of the Second World War, and thus enabled him to escape to Germany.

During the 1930s Joyce became a prominent speaker for Oswald Mosley's BUF. He was a good writer and was responsible for organising classes to teach public speaking. After he parted company with the BUF he founded his own political party which was called The National Socialist League. Its newspaper was called "The Helmsman" and the party insignia was a ship's steering wheel. Joyce was also a member of Captain Ramsey's "Right Club".

After escaping to Germany, Joyce worked for the British section of the Reich's broadcasting section. Due to some confusion, he became known in Britain as "Lord Haw Haw" which was a name that should have been applied to another broadcaster who spoke with a sneering high class accent. It could be said that he was a precurser of Jane Fonda who spoke for the Viet Cong.

Because Joyce had wrongly been given a British passport, to which he was not entitled, as a travel document he ended his life on the gallows - executed for treason at the end of the war. Possession of a passport entitles the bearer to protection of the British Crown, In return the Crown demands loyalty from its holder.