12th Duke of Bedford

Hastings William Sackville Russell, Twelfth Duke of Bedford was an evangelical Christian and a pacifist. He founded and led The British Peoples Party. His organising secretary was John Beckett who had been a leading member of the BUF and William Joyce's National Socialist League. After WW2 the BPP was reconstituted and employed Harold Lockwood, a former member of the Imperial Fascist League (led by Arnold Leese) to head a research department. The group organised a petition calling for clemency for William Joyce and also condemned the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. This was on the basis that the Allies were judge and jury in their own cases. In addition, that to execute a person who had not broken any law at the time of his action, was to murder him. The Duke of Bedford thought that the German death camps could at most have been responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people and that the six million figure was a gross exaggeration.

The party's activities were generally limited to meetings, and the publication of a journal, The People's Post. The party was controlled by an executive committee consisting of The Duke of Bedford as Chairman, Beckett as secretary, Ex-Labour Party candidate Ben Greene (a noted pacifist and member of the Peace Pledge Union) as treasurer, Viscount Lymington and former left-wing journalist John Scanlon. Sir Barry Domville, leader of The Link had also been amongst those to offer support to the party.

This series of booklets was written by the Duke of Bedford. He died soon after the Second World War. The Duke was a great believer in the economic system known as Social Credit. He was also a fervent believer in peace. He opposed the Second World War and tried to facilitate peace with Germany through an Irish friend who had contact with the German Embassy in Dublin.