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Stalin - The Enduring Legacy
Kerry Bolton
8.5"x5.5" Gloss Laminated
Black House Publishing
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Stalin: The Enduring Legacy considers the 'Man of Steel' in a manner that will outrage dogmatists of both Left and Right. Stalinist Russia is reassessed as a state that transcended Marxism, and proceeded on a nationalist and imperial path rather than as the citadel of 'world revolution'. Stalin reversed many early Bolshevik policies re-instituting, for example, the traditional family. He abolished the Communist International, championed 'realism' in the arts and rejected post-1945 US plans for a 'new world order'. Despite so-called 'de-Stalinization' after his death, the Soviet bloc continued to oppose globalism, as does Putin's Russia. Stalin: The Enduring Legacy, examines the anti-Marxist character of Stalinism, the legitimacy of the Moscow Trials against the 'Old Bolsheviks', the origins of the Cold War, the development of Trotskyism as a tool of US foreign policy, the question of Stalin's murder, and the relevance of Russia to the future of world power politics.

'Dr. Bolton's book Stalin: The Enduring Legacy is a major contribution to the proper understanding of Russian, as well as American, politics and society in the twentieth century. It brushes aside the anti-Stalinist biases of the Trotskyist American chroniclers of this historical period to reveal the unquestionable integrity of Stalin as a nationalist leader. At the same time, it highlights the vital differences between the Russian national character rooted in the soil and history of Russia, and its opposite, the rootless Jewish cosmopolitanism that Trotskyist Marxism sought to impose on the Russians - as well as on the rest of the world'. - Dr Alexander Jacob

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