Anne Brock-Griggs
The Women’s Leader of British Union gives her views in this booklet. Anne Brock-Griggs was the mother of two children and was married to an architect. She became well known as a speaker at BUF meetings and in 1936 she joined the permanent staff as Woman Propaganda Officer. She also became the editor of the Woman’s Page in Action which was the main British Union newspaper at that time.

In May 1936 she visited Germany for the May Day celebrations. She was very active as a street speaker during the 1937 LCC elections in Limehouse, East London, and she was adopted as the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Poplar in March of that year.

She was first arrested in October 1939 under the Public Order and Defence Regulation 39B. The more serious charges were dropped and she went on to become a prominent speaker for the Women’s Peace Campaign. She was later interned with her husband under Defence Regulation 18B without charge or trial. As a result of this she became very ill and her health never recovered. After the war she joined Union Movement and died of cancer in the 1960s.