By Emory Burke with Introduction by Dr. E.R.Fields
The Columbians were one of the first post war nationalist movements in the United States of America. This is their story.
Emory Burke was born in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1915. He was very proud of their part his ancestors played in the American Civil War fighting for the Confederacy. He grew up within the system of racial segregation and he goes to some length explaining his attitudes and giving his reason why he found the ideas of any racial mixture repellent. He describes multi-racialists as scalawags but shows no hatred towards other races. Before the war he worked with William Pelley’s Silvershirts and after the war organised the Columbians. After amazing successes in the South they were targeted by the Anti-Nazi League and Burke was imprisoned for 16 months. The whole story of how the frame-up happened and the injustice of the situation is related in this booklet.
After imprisonment Burke went to work for Gerald L.K. Smith’s Christian Nationalist Crusade. He continued writing and speaking at political meetings until his death.
His newspaper during his time of leading the Columbians was called The Thunderbolt and it was restarted by Dr. Ed. Fields in 1958. It changed its name to The Truth At Last in 1988 and was still published up until 2008. Emory Burke was in prison when this book was first written.