By Oswald Mosley 28 Page A5 booklet consisting of the following.

The Coming Crisis 1949
We Shall Fight and Win 1949
Menace of Russian Communism 1946 (pre Union Movement)
What Chance of Peace 1951
An Early Union Movement Policy Statement circa 1952

These booklets were written at a time when shortages of essential supplies were so scarce in Britain that rationing was still in force.
The threat of nuclear war was very real, and much of Europe lay in ruins. Britain’s foreign policy was dominated by a vindictive and spiteful hatred towards Germany. As a result that defeated nation was being driven towards despair and communism. Everywhere, the Empire was under threat from violent revolutionaries, often groomed and trained by Marxist professors in London. The chickens were coming home to roost – with a vengeance.Mosley showed a way forward.