by Fritz Knochlein
The London Cage was the interrogation centre that was used during and after the Second World War by the British Intelligence Services. It was used to gather information from German Prisoners of War and civilians. This booklet deals with its post-war use when the cage was used to gather confessions regarding war crimes and also to obtain statements which could be used to convict other persons at the Nuremberg war crimes trials. The camp and its activities were carefully concealed from the International Red Cross who were denied access almost until the end of its existence. The Camp Commandant was Lt. Col. A.R. Scotland and he later wrote a book describing some of his activities. The British Government prevented its publication for seven years. When it was finally printed it had been severely censored.The reason given for this was that it would show how the Geneva Convention was ignored and give credence to the view that Britain’s condemnation of Gestapo tactics was gross hypocrisy. This booklet was written by a former inmate who describes the tortures he endured.