By Professor Herman De Vries De Heekelingen

Little is known by most people of the treatment accorded to Jews in Fascist Italy. Many people imagine that the aim of Mussolini was to exterminate all of Italian Jewry.  A reading of this little booklet, barely known outside a handful of people these days, is important. It shows what the real attitude of Fascism was. Interestingly, Professor Heeklingen, of the University of Nimegue, Netherlands, who was Professor of Hebrew and also an expert on the Talmud was called to testify for the defence during a trial in 1940 in Switzerland. The case concerned three young men who were accused of distributing pamphlets exposing the anti-Christian nature of the Talmud. This piece of information only came to light in September 2009 as a result of an article in The CDL Report.