By Captain R. Gordon-Canning
A treatise on the will and spirit on the B.U.F.Gordon Canning had been decorated during the First World War and later became an expert on the affairs of the Middle East.
In this booklet he describe the mystical element that he finds attractive in the adherents of the fascist creed. He claims that it is based upon a similar force to that of the Sufi and Christian mystics and that is love, which transmutes hearts.Thornton Wilder wrote in his book Bridge of San Luis Rey that there is a land of the living and the dead, and the bridge is Love, the only survival. the only meaning. Risk is nothing, It is enterprise that counts
With religious mystics it is the love of God and the aim of ultimate union with God that inspires them. With the National Socialist, it is love of the people (action) and the aim of an ultimate union of the nation which is the mystical urge.