By the Marquis of Tavistock, later to become The 12th Duke of Bedford.

In early 1940 the author of this booklet made contact with the German Legation in Dublin. The result was a communication saying that to make peace with Britain Germany was prepared to agree to certain conditions. These included reconstituting the Czech and Polish states. Germany would also arrange a plebiscite for Austria on the future of that country.

These were the main points. The Marquis then proceeded to contact Lord Halifax to attempt to take the matter further. The whole attempt at bringing about any sort of peace was destroyed by Lord Halifax, and other members of the Cabinet by their then making insulting and abusive speeches against Germany.

Nevertheless attempts were made to clarify the German proposals and correspondence and a meeting with Lord Halifax did take place. Mr John McGovan MP., a friend of the Marquis, impatient with the delay informed the Press. They of course used the situation to ridicule the Marquis of Tavistock and wrecked any hope of ending the war, which it will be recalled was at a time before Hitler moved West, when France, Norway, Holland and Belgium were still unoccupied. pp.32