Sir Oswald Mosley

Here he outlines his proposal for a negotiated peace with Germany in 1939/40 (before the fall of France, Norway. Holland and Belgium.) with Empire intact and people safe. He begins by saying that anyone with any sense wants peace. The only question being whether peace can be had on terms that are satisfactory. He says that the British Union policy was based on two popular slogans. Mind Britain’s Business and Britons Fight For Britain Only.

Mosley mentions four important points that could bring peace with Germany none of which involve loss of territory or honour.

He goes on to say that we were at war because a few old gentlemen who had won power by promising something completely different, gave a guarantee to Poland, at a hurried weekend meeting which might involve the deaths of a million Britons without the British people ever having the chance even to state their opinions. Yet this is called democracy.
He ends by saying “What a folly and what a crime for the great nations of the West to waste their energies in the mutual destruction of European civilisation. The result will be that the enfeebled body of western man may fall easy prey to some of the most malignant parasites history has witnessed.”