By Lt. General Sir John Glubb

Sir John Bagot Glubb was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the British army in 1915. He fought in France and was wounded three times. When the First World War was over he served in the Middle East and was stationed in Iraq, He lived among the Bedouins, learnt their language and customs and organised a police force under British control. He retired from the army in 1948, and was then asked by King Abdullah of Transjordan to continue to command the Arab Legion. He fought successfully against the Israeli army and was in fact put on a Jewish death list for assassination. He never have up his fight against Zionism. He finally retired in 1956 and died in 1986.

This book is actually about the non-Semitic Jews that originated in Khazaria. They adopted Judaism (Talmudism) in 740 A.D. In this booklet we can follow their movements through Poland, Spain, Turkey, Portugal and many other lands. This book is certainly not anti Jewish. It simply tells the history, a history unknown even to many Jews, of the origins of these people, who have no legitimacy to justify their claim to the land of the Israel of today.

The writer was in the thick of most of the events that took place in the Middle East up until about 1950 and gives a new perspective on today’s problems in the area.