Held at the National Institute of Fascist Culture at Pavia, Italy October 1938.
The participants are each given a section of the book and the first is
Arnaldo Mussolini. Next comes
The Reverend Nye who was known for his contributions to Oswald Mosley’s newspaper Action. His parish was at Scampton. England, and he was imprisoned without charge or trial in 1940.

The next chapter is a verbatim report of the speech by Rear Admiral W.E.R. Martin who had been a member of the British Fascisti and was later the local Leader for British Union in Cornwall. Lt. Colonel Cyril Rocke, who belonged to the British Union Friends of Italy also gave a talk. He, incidentally, was well spoken of by Lord Alexander of Tunis who remembered his gallant action during The Battle of the Somme during the First World War. He was one of the two officers and 82 men who survived from his battalion. Cyril Rocke died aged 92 in 1968. ErminioTurcotti made a speech entitled An Appeal to English Youth. Ezra Pound spoke next followed by Frederick Coplestone who was a Jesuit Priest. He was also author of the nine volume work entitled The History of Philosophy and he debated with Bertrand Russell on the BBC after the war.

Professor C.E. Ferri talked about the common sense appeal of the Corporate State and the book closes with the address of John F. Hubbard on the subject of the influence of the Press on public opinion.