By Bryan Clough.

At last the true story of how Britain’s Security Service trapped Anna Wolkoff over the Tyler Kent documents. These documents were taken from the American Embassy by Tyler Kent and consisted of telegrams which had passed between Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt. This was before Churchill became Prime Minister.

Maxwell Knight was a man who had at one time been himself a member of the British Fascisti and in his role as agent runner for MI5 he planted agents in various Right Wing organisations. Among his agents were Marjorie Mackie (nee Amor) and James McGuirk Hughes who belonged to the Right Club led by Captain Ramsay ( Hughes also worked in the BUF under the name P.G.Taylor). Others involved were Joan Miller and Helene Louise de Munck

This is a true story of personal betrayal, misinformation and a politically sexed up dodgy dossier. It was important because by a convoluted means it led to the beefing up of Defence Regulation 18B, which led to the imprisonment of many harmless and innocent victims.

Illustrated with Index