By Captain Kenneth McKilliam. The author’s experiences in Africa which helped to crystallise and form the ideas, and attitudes to life, of the writer. He later became a lay preacher and a member of the British National Front. Captain McKilliam explains how East Africa was developed from the early day of its exploration by Dr Livingstone. How the savage tribes were killing and enslaving each other. How savagery was brought to an end by Britain and how the great railway was built in the area. How education was brought to the African people. How the tribal system worked in conjunction with a British led new civil service. The latter part of the book deals with East Africa as seen through the eyes of the author. The undermining of all the work that had been done before. The subversion of loyal Africans and the coming of theMau Mau. The rise of African leaders likeMugabe, Kenyatta andKaunda. The mass murders and the stupid British Government representatives, who knew nothing of the land and its people, and who brought about the present situation of starvation and horror.