by Robert Best
This is the shocking and dreadful truth about the Communist Revolution in the USSR. It describes the wanton savagery and murderous activities of the soviet secret police and the suffering of the millions of victims. Many contemporary quotes are used to illustrate the bloodthirsty nature of the regime.

Many people find it outrageous that the political establishment, and in fact the power elite in most of the world, find it acceptable for a person to be or to have been a communist and an open advocate of mass killing, blood and gore, while at the same time treating like political lepers anyone who ever supported any organisation with even the remotest connection to the nationalist and patriotic fascist or national socialist parties of the 1930s. Even though that support was given before any atrocities by such regimes had even been alleged. The only possible reason is that some perverse persons regard the tragic loss of Jewish lives in wartime Germany as more important than the loss of the lives of even greater numbers of Gentiles in peacetime.