By Mark Weber
In 1939 when the German armies were advancing through Poland a small spearhead of soldiers raced forward into Warsaw and captured the diplomatic documents from the Polish Foreign Ministry. They were just in time as the burning of the material was already beginning.
These secret Polish documents were later published in Germany. They were quickly categorised as fakes and fabrications by the allies. But were they?
Now many, if not all, modern historians claim the documents are genuine. They consisted of communications between Poland the American Ambassador in France, William Bullitt. Bullitt was Roosevelt’s main man in Europe. His communication with the US President was on a frequent and profuse scale. Bullitt was not just the Ambassador to France but represented the will of President Roosevelt throughout Europe. He had married the widow of the leader of the American Communist Party,John Reed.
At every level Bullitt, with Roosevelt’s knowledge obstructed and sabotaged every attempt at negotiation between Germany and Poland. His promises turned out to be lies, but nevertheless resulted in the Second World war in which millions perished. The only victors being the USA and the USSR.