By M. Goulding.
This booklet is sometimes available under its sub-title which is Labour’s Peace Policy Through British Union Eyes. The author relates how The Labour Party went from being a leading voice in the call for world peace after the First World War to becoming obsessed with a frenzied blood lust against Germany in the 1930s.

The speeches of many Labour leaders which were made during the 1920s are quoted. They include those of Labour leaders such asFred Bramley the Trade Union Secretary,J. S. Middleton, Walter Eyles, Sir Thomas Trevelyan, J. R. Clynes andP. Noel Baker. In these speeches they threaten a General Strike should the Government begin any preparation for war. They sympathise with the position of Germany and deplore the terms of Versailles Treaty. They are outraged that Britain and France do not disarm in equality with Germany.

Then we have a complete hypocritical turn about after the advent of the Spanish Civil War, the rise of Nationalism in Germany and te situation in Ethiopia.

As the author states, we see a transformation from Peace at any Price to War at any Cost.