By Alexander Raven Thomson

The opening lines of this booklet, begin as follows:

In examining the strange network of financial interests which constitute the real government of these Isles and of the Empire founded by our forefathers, we do best to begin with the Bank of England, which is the official hub of City finance, although, as we shall see the real directing power is situated elsewhere.

An examination then describes how the Bank is organised and the role gold played in this. Details of the main finance houses of the City, all of whose names carried immense weight on the Stock Exchange. Each one is describe at some length. they ere: Rothschilds, Barings, Goschens, Hambros, Schroders, Lazards and the Morgans.

The final part of the booklet is entitled How To Break The Chains and shows how a British Union government would have made money the servant of the people instead of it being their master.