Issued by The British Union of Fascists
This is a BUF report of what happened at the great BUF meeting atOlympia in 1934, and its aftermath.
It begins with the evidence to show that all the violence was organised by the Communist Party and various other totalitarian extremist groups. Reprinted here are the exhortations which appeared in much of the left wing Press calling people to march to the meeting and smash it by force, and above all to stop Mosley speaking. Even a map was printed to assist the attackers to assemble.
Then, after a report of the meeting and the way it was conducted comes a review of the aftermath. Hospital and First Aid post reports, after analysis, show 68 Blackshirts injured. This is backed up by the reports of doctors and medical attendants. Surprisingly, no cases of injuries to anti-fascists were reported.
Finally we have the evidence of many MPs and other public figures who attended including the ex Editor of the “Daily Herald who report faithfully exactly what they witnessed. These reports were all published in the more respectable elements in the British Press at the time.
The writer points out that far from being an orgy of fascist violence against innocent spectators, it was a stout defence, at some personal sacrifice, of the Englishman’s right to freedom of speech.
pp. 48