By Union Movement Agricultural Council.
Three known members of this think tank were Jorian Jenks,Robert Saunders O.B.E. and Robert Row.
They produced this booklet circa 1952 to define the best way forward for farmers to produce the maximum food with the least damage to the environment.
Jorian Jenks was one of the founders of The Soil Association and a colleague of Reich Minister Richard-Walther Darre, whom he met after the war.
Robert Saunders became Vice President of the National Union of Farmers and was awarded the OBE. Robert Row had been an agricultural worker and was formerly a leader in the BUF in Lancashire before the war. He suffered particularly cruel treatment during his interrogation under Defence regulation 18B. He later became the Editor of Action.
This very detailed booklet is divided into seven parts each in turn divided into sub chapters with titles such as Land Use, Land Tenure, Good Husbandry, Fishing, Marginal and Hill Lands, Imports, African Development, The National Loaf, Meat, Vegetables and Fruit, Credit Facilities and many others. Its warning of world population growth and world food shortage seem prosaic today.