By Jim Peron
America’s great aviation hero was at the forefront of the America First Party and fought hard to keep the USA out of the war. In this booklet some of his most controversial statements are given concerning the Second World War.

Lindbergh had a hatred for the popular Press due to the fact that some of its journalists had broken into the morgue where his dead son was lying to photograph the corpse. Lindbergh had spent a considerable time in Germany, and he admitted enjoying that time very much. He thought a war over Poland was a mistake. He saw, and said, that he considered the European war as a great disaster for all the European peoples and akin to a civil war. He saw the situation in the 1930s and 40s in racial terms. Because of these views he was never allowed to fly with the American Air Force again, but instead, flew only as an aircraft company pilot and in this capacity saw action in the Pacific war theatre.