Oswald Mosley was possibly the most controversial politician of the twentieth century. Many believe he was the greatest thinker of his age, he was certainly the finest orator of his generation. After service in the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War, he entered parliament determined to ensure good jobs and decent homes for all. He became a Minister in the Labour Government with a special responsibility for ending unemployment. When that Government refused to act he resigned forming first the New Party and later the British Union of Fascists. In the latter he devised policies to create full employment through a British Corporate State and more effective government through an Occupational Franchise. Mosley was almost alone in opposing the Second World War with his policy of ‘Peace with Honour, Empire Intact and British People Safe.’ For speaking against that War, which was to cost 60-million lives, Mosley and over 1000 of his most active followers were imprisoned without charge or trial in 1940.

After the War Mosley was back. He formed the Union Movement with a new policy of ‘Britain First in Europe a Nation’. His concept of a United Europe was light years ahead of contemporary thinking on European unity and his version is still considered by many to be far superior to the European Union of today. In 1966 Mosley withdrew from party warfare to advance his ideas by other means: numerous interviews and debates on television and radio followed. In the last decade of his life, Mosley produced the series of Broadsheets contained in this book. These were sent to supporters, opinion formers and people of influence across the world. In these remarkable texts he combined intellect with experience as he turned his attention to the problems of recession, irresponsible banking, mass immigration, exploitation of Third World peoples as cheap labour, the global rise in food and energy prices and unrelenting armed conflict throughout the world. If the problems sound familiar, Mosley’s solutions contained in these Broadsheets most certainly won’t. Where is the enthusiasm of a great campaign to reveal the real choice between reversion to an isolated, beleaguered island, and rapid advance to a complete European democracy? – The Mosley Broadsheets. Jeff Wallder