By Arnold Leese
How an alien minority controlled the British press in the 1930s. Rather than review this book ourselves we here reprint the first few paragraphs.

IN democratic countries, the transmission of news to the public is controlled by the Jewish Money Power to such an extent that hardly anything unfavourable to the Jewish interest is allowed to appear in a journal. The News Agencies are controlled by the newspapers themselves, with the exception (1939) of theCentral News Agency, the control of which is secret, the majority of the shares being held by the banker’s nominees, nowadays at least, the power of the Big Advertiser? is available to crush, by boycott, any attempt on the part of an otherwise incompletely controlled newspaper to present its readers with some of the undiluted truth.

In this article, however, we deal only with the direct Jewish influence in our newspapers, which are quoted abroad in foreign Jew-controlled papers as reflecting British public opinion; the past history is at least as important as the present, as it is the past propaganda which has produced the present confusion of thought.

The way in which this opinion can be deliberately falsified may be appropriately described in the words of Rev. B. W. Wright, who can hardly be described as an anti-Semitic since be wrote in the monthly account of the proceedings of the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews, April, 1846 (note that the date was 90 years ago) :-