Duke of Bedford

Here the Duke explains the reasons for the sorry state that Britain found her self in after the Second World War. Firstly, he says that Britain had been involved in too many wars. Beginning with the Boer war in South Africa, then the First World War which he claims could have been avoided or at least ended much earlier than was the case. The 12th Duke of Bedford also analyses the reasons for WWII, and here again says that the situation could have been dealt with in a different way, and certainly would have led to a better outcome for all. Turning to the situation as it was in 1951 he gives his views on the cold war. He was a life-long dedicated pacifist and had he lived longer would have been an ardent supporter of CND.

On the question of poverty he advocates a monetary policy which would have adjusted the money supply to that output and import of goods and the creation and issuing of money not as an interest bearing debt but to pay for all the state functions and the gradual extinction of taxation. He justifies this by pointing out that the cause of economic crisis was often caused by a lack of money in the system. His further diagnosis is that regarding the moral state of the nation. As as a ardent Christian, his remedies are quite predictable and correct. The mass media of cinema and Press are also held to blame for much that was wrong.