By George Lincoln Rockwell
A fascinating essay by George Lincoln Rockwell who was the leader of the American National Socialist movement in the 1960s. He speaks of his first encounters with liberals when he was at Brown University. He speaks of his days in the US Navy as a pilot. How he pondered with puzzlement the people he met who were liberals. He explains as follows. Never was there any light ahead. The more I searched and struggled, the more it appeared I was in an intellectual madhouse. People of impeccable character and intelligence, when approached on any aspect of the liberal dogma, suddenly became as fanatic and passionately intolerant as the most wild-eyed heretic-burner of the Middle Ages. I felt like Alice-in-Wonderland – a nightmare Wonderland. Everything was backward and upside-down and inside out. truth was lies, reason was prejudice, and facts were propaganda, or even hate. He came to the conclusion that liberals were motivated by a desire for fairness. To them it was unfair that some should be more successful that others. Some races more productive. Some peoples more efficient. Liberals want equality. However, as he points out, people are not equal by nature, and attempts to make them so are doomed to failure. And not to realise this can lead all mankind to disaster.