By Oswald Mosley
A proposal of the desperate need for European unity in face of the Communist threat from the East. This booklet was first published in 1948, and the threat of a third world war was very real. Mosley writes passionately and bitterly of how, to quote him:

“Bled and beggared by the fratricidal war, the people of Britain may well reflect that they have sacrificed everything and gained nothing. Their wartime leaders were prodigal with blood, wealth and territory to crown a political vendetta with a mere Pyrrhic victory. A crumbling empire, a wrecked economy, our prestige flouted and our soldiers murdered by those they rescued (ed. Palestine) – such was the barren triumph of “Democracy” in a struggle which proved as disastrous as it was unnecessary.”

Now it was realised that Germany was needed if Europe was to be defended against a savage and Stalinist attack. Mosley gives examples of how the Germans were being driven into the arms of the communists by the cruel and vile treatment they were, at that time, getting from the Allied Control Commission.