Gerald L.K.Smith was one of the best known patriots in the American Christian nationalist movement. He was at one time the chief aid of Huey Long, the Senator from Louisiana. Smith edited a journal for many years called The Cross and the Flag and was the leader of the Christian Nationalist Crusade. In this booklet he gives an account of his evidence to the Senate in the USA as to why the Communist Party should be banned.

In his evidence he makes the following charges and justifies each of them:
Communism is Murder, Communism is violently and physically anti-Christian, Communism is rape, Communism is banditry, Communists are counterfeiters, Communism is treason
Communism is libel, etc. etc. etc. This booklet was first published in 1948. A useful study for students of the Cold War and the post war fight against communist subversion.