W. Buckley interviews Oswald Mosley for a US television programme in 1972.
In 1972, Oswald Mosley was interviewed for the US. Television programme, Firing Line. The host was William F. Buckley, Jr. There were three other panellists. The booklet is produced in a question and answer format. Mosley is asked about the circumstances that led to the foundation of the British fascist movement. He is closely questioned about anti-Semitism. His opposition to the Second World War and his views on other political and social issues. He talks of his friendship with Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera before he was murdered by the communists in Spain. He discusses the government of the Colonels in Greece and Franco in Spain and makes it clear that they were not fascist but purely military. He says that no fascist country existed after the war – because all those of that opinion were in favour of a united Europe as an extension of nationalism and patriotism.