Fascism and the Press by A.K. Chesterton.

In this book, A.K. Chesterton explains why the British Press was against the British Union of Fascists and its policy of “Britain First.”  He demonstrates how the Press owners, their principal directors and majority shareholders, not to mention their business associates, all had overseas financial interests. The BUF and its policy of “Britain First” was a threat to their international investments.
Chesterton explains how the policies of the British Press are heavily influenced by World Jewry, either through direct ownership or by the millions of pounds spent by Jewish businesses on advertising space. He condemns the Press for their negative reporting of the Fascist regimes in Germany and Italy, while never reporting on the great achievements performed in these countries and the amazing transformation of the spirit of the people from defeatism and despair to a renewed sense of dignity. He complains about how the national newspapers allowed falsehoods about British Fascism to appear in their columns while never allowing the BUF a right of reply.