By William Joyce

Published by The British Union of Fascists of which Joyce was at that time a prominent and popular member. We here reprint the opening lines for review purposes: Fascism in Britain had advanced but a little way when it was assailed by forces of whose existence the Leader, despite his great political experiences, had not dreamed when he set out on the Crusade. The greatest of these forces, never arraigned against the old parties, was found to be the power of organised Jewry, today mobilised against fascism, which has long refused subservience to it.

Because fascism has known how to resist this alien menace in the people’s midst, the Jews have raised throughout the land the cry of religious and racial persecution. Yet, in the thousands of fascist speeches it has been made clear that the movement recognises, and will observe, the principles of complete religious liberty; whilst the racial diversity of the Empire renders absurd the suggestion that the concept of persecution on racial grounds should be the fascists. This movement does not attack Jews by reason of what they are, it resists them by reason of what they do. They have dared, in their great folly, to challenge a conquering force of the modern age and their challenge must be answered. The Jews have attacked us physically where there have been six Jews to one Blackshirt. Wherever organised opposition manifests itself at our outdoor meetings, there can be seen behind a row of policemen, in security, a mass of bestial Jewish faces contorted into hideous and obscene grimaces.

Apart from actual observation, the records of the law courts have irrefutable proof of our charge. In the whole population only six in every thousand are Jewish, and yet of the persons convicted during 1934 – 1935 of offences against fascists at fascist meetings, or on their way home after the meetings, over 20% are Jewish. The only possible inference is that within Jewry there is a ferocious, inflammable propaganda against fascism. The law courts provide ample evidence that the attack on the Movement is led by Jewry and, be it noted, before we retaliated we had proof of this fact. During the five months prior to the Leader’s answer to Jewry at the Albert Hall on October 28th, 1934, 50% of the persons convicted of attacks on fascists were Jews. There can be little doubt but that the remaining 50% were subject to Jewish influence. They do not hesitate to employ the grossest and foulest devices of libel and slander against our members.